Many Types of Design
Designer is a very broad term. It conjures up images of an eclectic individual madly painting at a canvas, creating the next Picaso.

And then there's the other type of designer. The one that listens to your story, asks lots of questions and captures the essence of your business in a graphic, a typeface or maybe just the right colour. That's the type of design Thumbnail Graphics delivers.

But it doesn't stop there...

Design can also mean how intuitively a website flows or how compact code can be for an app. Maybe it's catching the light a certain way for that corporate video or maybe it's the well thought out responds to a customer's tweet. That's "Design Plus", and that's what Thumbnail Graphics delivers.

So if you're looking for a snobby artsy, fartsy, pretentious design company, we're not for you.

We're only interested in making our customers money.

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